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Our students benefit from our comprehensive packages however, we cater to the needs of the general public by providing stress free and very affordable travel services for all our clients. whether you are going for vacation, conference, or honeymoon, we got you covered. Under this service, we are able to render the “Guardianship Transportation Service Abroad” with parents’ consent, only for those below 18 years of age.

Visa Application & Counseling

We counsel our clients on the best legitimate approach to obtaining their visas to any country and assist with filling of visa application forms and document packaging. With our professional service and guidance, clients are satisfied.

Explore & Travel

Migration and Citizenship

Looking to get a second passport that allows you access to all 26 Schengen Member States, UK, US, Canada, and other countries visa free? We are your plug and be rest assured, this service covers your family as well. So if you are tired of always applying for visa whenever you want to travel with the entire stress attached to it not forgetting the major proof of funds requirement all the time, we are a phone call or chat away from you.

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