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Work experience placement

This service is made available for high school leavers, those waiting to obtain admission into tertiary institutions and university students for career guidance and experience purposes respectively. We understand that students who gain relevant working experience from a young age are properly guided in their future careers and emerge as very exposed, knowledgeable and confident young adults.
We are affiliated with various companies and organizations in major career sectors to implement this service so as to bridge the gap and produce a generation of qualified and experienced young adults employers need.

Summer class placements

There is an increase in the number of students who partake in summer classes during the summer holidays. Due to limited spaces and increased demands, we assist our clients in obtaining offers and securing their spaces for summer classes in various academies across the globe which often times may come with a scholarship.


International AUpair placements

Do you want to live and be a part of a family abroad? This service is for single individuals without children who have experience with children between the ages of 2- 14 years and are fluent in other foreign languages other than English depending on the chosen country and the request of the host family. The maximum duration to live abroad under this service is 2 years depending on the country and its immigration rules.

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